FIXWELL, an event focusing on “fitment”.

FIXWELL is held at the Imesse Yamanashi in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Like FENDERIST in Nagoya, it is a large-scale event with nearly 400 custom cars and motorcycles on display both indoors and outdoors.

The vehicles on display are mainly from all over Japan, but some vehicles may also participate from overseas.

The venue is crowded with fans of the event, custom shops, and auto parts manufacturers.

FENDERIST and FIXWELL are highly prestigious events in Japan held by Japanese people, and therefore strict regulations are set for the vehicles on display.

For example, it is forbidden to drive fast or to step on the gas pedal at the venue. This may be a rule unique to Japan, but it is in consideration of the social context in Japan, where restrictions on custom cars are becoming more stringent every year.

If you are planning to attend a Japanese event, you should be aware of these circumstances.

Introducing the features of FIXWELL, a spin-off of FENDERIST.

The theme of FIXWELL was how to express beautiful “fitment”.

Recently, air suspension has become more and more popular in Japan, and there are many expressions of “fitment”.

FIXWELL will select one award of excellence from each of nine uniquely set “fitments”.


I will present these details in a separate article.

FIXWELL advocates the theme that “beautiful fitment exists at the foot of a cool car.

There is a strict screening process to enter this event. Only vehicles that have been built based on a concept or are of high quality are qualified to enter.

Since the event is run by the Japanese, you will be able to see Japanese classic style cars, drift cars, and attack cars, too.

In other words, you can see the “real JDM scene” at this event.